The Graphics Integrated Development Environment
for AVR microcontrollers

It is a professional powerful tool which reduces the software development time as much as 3-5X. The environment covers the complete development cycle: algorithm input, simulation, debugging and even chip programming. One can create programs both at an assembler level and macro-level, using the multi-byte signed values.
Unlike a classical text assembler, the user can enter a program as a flow-chart with a tree-like structure. The editor displays the web of conditional and unconditional branches in a visually convenient vector-like form. It eliminates the uncountable labelsí names which are inevitable in the classical assembler. All the logical structure of the program becomes visual.
The graphic technology opens new possibilities for programmers. The visualization of a logical structure reduces the probability of errors and reduces development time.

For setting the peripheral units (such as Timer/Counter, UART, ADC, SPI etc.) there is a especial element of algorithm - "SETTER". It has an opened windowed interface. It is enough to choose the necessary parameters and the compiler will create the set of instruction to provide these parameters (at the right side of window).

The environment is very simple to use.
The product includes a graphics editor, compiler, simulator and in-system programmer. When programming the chip using in-system programmer, the microcontroller may be connected to a COM port of computer through a simple adapter (three diodes and a few resistors).
The in-system programmer implements a reprogramming counter, and saves it into the chip.

The Algorithm Builder provides an On-Chip MONITOR debug. It displays the actual state of the microcontroller at the breakpoints. The connection between a chip and computer requires only one pin, which can be selected by the user. The on-chip monitor debug is only applicable to chips that have SRAM.

The environment works in the operating system Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP.

The version 5.44: AB544.exe (3 Mb) - self-extract archive for setup (Freeware).
(June 05 2010)